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Since 2002, da Vinci's owner Bleu Cord has worked his way to the top sitting alongside the best of the best granite fabrication and installation companies that serve the inland northwest. Bleu Cord has been fabricating and installing granite in Idaho since 1998. At the early age of 18 Bleu began his apprenticeship under the leadership and watchful eye of a third-generation master stone cutter. Bleu watched, learned, and eventually mastered all the secrets and lost skills now associated with today's modern machinery. Soon after, Bleu decided to take his degree in "old school" stone artisanship and set out to start his own business built on true craftsmanship.

In spite of his young years, he is respected by his peers, as a visionary in design consultation as well as an expert in damage restoration. Skilled in all areas including template design, custom fabrication and installation combined with his personal integrity and pride in his prompt professional service make Bleu the preferred choice of quality builders and homeowners alike.

At  Da Vinci Stone Design, Inc. we incorporate a wide array of sophisticated digital CNC machinery to achieve only the best possible finishes on granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, travertine, onyx, etc. Even though Bleu has honed his "old school" roots, he was wise to note that computer-guided equipment could not only benefit his business by decreasing labour costs and maximizing consistency, but also offer his customers a higher quality product. With the help of our 5 axis Sasso CNC saws customers can rest assured that their under-mount sink cut-out will be exact, curves precise, and radius bar tops will be perfect, free from dips and bumps that hand-cut natural stone can sometimes leave behind.

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